Intense Caning Torment

Duration: 2:01 Views: 5.9K Submitted: 7 years ago
Description: Luna first finds herself presented with a clear cage barely big enough for her to climb into. Once inside the cage is suspended and swung as we watch her change into a latex shirt and clear stiletto heels. Her tits are so big she cannot get the latex shirt to stretch over her giant globes. Once naked, she is asked to put her big tits up against the glass and squish them for us. Since she told us she likes to masturbate so much she gets a couple of items to play with inside...a large dildo and a small Hitachi. She entertains us with a little peep show as her cage fogs up and gets swung again.Next Luna finds herself being placed into a strappado. A spreader bar is attached to her ankles and she has copper sheets placed beneath her feet. A microphone is placed near her neck that controls the electricity running into the copper under her feet. Each time she makes a sound she will be shocked. The nipples on her 36DD tits are tied off the floor beneath her. She keeps getting shocked. Pools of drool keep slapping the floor. The Hitachi is brought out and she goes into La La Land. She tries desperately to keep from pulling off the nipple clamps. More electricity is applied and then the Hitachi is brought to bear on her hairy cunt. Within just a minute or so she starts to spray. Heaving amounts of fluid are ejected. Now she is begging to cum again. I tell her to ask me to turn up the electricity. She is desperate. She begs. She tells me it already fucking hurts. Next Luna gets her big 36DDs tied up. Once they are bound they get flogged. Once the flogging gets up to a nice painful level she sort of just leaves her mouth open and closes her eyes. Then the cane comes out. Her giant breasts will be punished for being so large until she has bright marks appearing. Her pain level brought right up to maximum and then she is ring gagged. Her thighs are caned. Her tits are caned again. The Hitachi gets placed on her cunt. She gets weak. Desperate. She asks to cum. Denied. She gets electrodes attached to her nipples. When she feels the electricity in them she audibly gasps. The Hitachi is placed on her cunt and she quickly ask permission to cum. She is allowed several orgasms before being told to lie down on the floor next to the huge wet spot she has made. She is promptly placed in a hogtie and feet caned and brought off to a spraying orgasm.