Caning and Tears

Duration: 2:00 Views: 2.4K Submitted: 7 years ago
Description: 34 year old Wednesday is back with Lord Marcus. Right away she is bound in the Objectification Chair with her wrists secured to the cross as Marcus cuts away her dress to reveal her giant tits. Marcus then binds her thighs to the chair before taking a pinwheel and running it over her breasts and clit. Wednesdays discomfort and desire are seemingly intertwined. A bit gag is buckled in and Marcus begins to flog her pussy. When he is satisfied he breaks out a night stick and fucks her cunt with it.Next we find Wednesday nude and being bound into a frog tie. Once she is squatting on the floor Lord Marcus ties her large breasts up to the ceiling. She struggles to keep from falling over and not pulling her tits off. Several times she almost falls over only to have her purple tits hold her up. He whips her tits and pussy to get her going on the right track. Now we find Wednesday getting her tits tied up again. In doing so Marcus discovers Wednesday is quite ticklish on the ends of her tits. So he spends a little time exploiting this fact before tying her elbows and wrists together. We can see her legs are shaking and her torso stiff as she seemingly goes into convulsions as the Hitachi works its magic. She is screaming and pleading for him to stop. She cannot even catch her breath as she hangs from the ceiling.In the end we find Wednesday nude and against the wall and being groped by Lord Marcus. He is using a cane on her ass and then his hand. Several times she screams out during the caning with her tits swinging in the wind as she bucks around to assuage the pain. We are then treated to the relentless sound of a machine fucking her cunt. Lord Marcus at the controls as he toys with her hole. Fucking her fast and then slow and then not at all. And when she gets permission and once the orgasm starts to cum over her he shuts the fucking machine off.