Some like it Hawght

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Description: Her name is Mona Hawght. That's Hawght, as in "hot."<br /><br />"And I like it hot," says Mona, who's 46 and lives in Ohio, where she was born and raised.<br /><br />This scene starts with Mona telling us about her swinging lifestyle back home in Ohio. She tells us that she's a mother and a grandmother. She tells us that she's into light bondage. She tells us how often she least once or twice a day. And she has sex five times a week.<br /><br />"My husband told me that people won't believe that, but it's true."<br /><br />We believe it. We believe anything Mona tells us when she's sitting there with her tits falling out of her sexy lingerie.<br /><br />"I like cocks," she says. "All different sizes. It doesn't matter what size it is. It's what you do with it."<br /><br />In this scene, Mona strokes the guy's cock, then she sucks it, getting really deep, almost down to the balls. This woman really knows how to suck dick, holding it by the balls to keep it straight and hard and keeping it all wet with her saliva. You gotta love a woman who spits on cock. Then she gets fucked by the cock, and the noises her 46-year-old cunt makes when it's getting banged must by heard to be appreciated.<br /><br />"Cum in my mouth," she says at the end.<br /><br />Cum dodger? Not this woman.