Tethered Trainee

Duration: 1:28 Views: 1.6K Submitted: 7 years ago
Description: After a quick attempt to tidy up her Mistressís play space, Alexis becomes enamored with some erotic art books. Her attentions drift from her tasks to her pussy and she begins to indulge her libido with fingers and dildo. Mistress Maria walks in to catch her in the act and gives her a just reward for her shortcoming with the application of her flogger. The young untrained slave has her breasts, pussy and backside tickled by the multi-tale implement, along with a dose of verbal berating. After some use of the paddle as well, the poor girl is left with a rosy behind. Mistress Maria then used her slaveís mouth to sooth her rising tension in both back and front nether holes. In the end Alexis is rewarded, somewhat, with the use of a well-lubed strap-on dildo.