She's A 21st Century Fox

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Description: More than pretty in pink, newcomer Dolly Fox (January 2016 SCORE) has an amazingly slim and stacked body. Sheridan Love took one look at Dolly and wants to get with her. When another SCORE Girl says something like that, you know she's got the magic. SCORE: Dolly, do you go to nude beaches or adult resorts? Dolly: I go to adult resorts when I can. SCORE: Do you dance when you are playing music at home? Dolly: Yes, and I am mostly naked. SCORE: Are you the kind of girl who wears high heels around the house? Dolly: Yes. SCORE: We thought so. What kind of swimsuits do you wear? Dolly: Just the bottoms. SCORE: Do you watch adult videos at home? What kind do you like? Dolly: Yes, big bust videos, of course.