23 @ Science

Posted on 2013/08/23

Yes! We made it into a science paper from smart people of different Universities.

The title of the paper is "Identifying VHS Recording Artifactsin the Age of Online Video Platforms". Whatever that means, they have chosen their sources very wise :-)

You can find the paper here:


New Design, more responsive

Posted on 2013/07/31

We recently launched a new design and tries to implement a more responsive approach. The website is now much more compatible to different screen widths and different devices. We also fixed many bugs in the frontend.

Further more we reduced the number of filters and implemented a new navigation. If you want to use the old full features navigation please click "show all features".


More videos, faster refresh - yes!

Posted on 2013/03/01

We deployed a new update in the last days which is now bringing new videos much faster live, all crawlers are now working much faster and looking in shorter time spans on all indexed pages for new content.

This big improvement brings you always fresh new content on every visit (except you come back every 10 minutes ;-)). This update is part of our continous improvement process, we already got many Feedback from you - keep on going to help us sending feedback!



Posted on 2013/02/20

We finished the integration of, one of the biggest free Tube sites.

Today we have about 40.000 free videos indexed from RedTube and we will continue to improve the index. Stay tuned ;-)


Evil Bug fixed

Posted on 2013/01/24

We had a very evil bug in our system that caused wrong video url resolving, so if you wondered that the video that appeared in the viewer was not the same you clicked in the catalog - that was the bug.

Its fixed now and search quality is back again ....


New Language Portugais

Posted on 2013/01/21

We now support portuguese language, navigational structures and other elements are translated to give a easier orientation. There are more languages planed, stay tuned!





Posted on 2013/01/17

Recently we finished the initial crawl of The tube site - which is part of the PornHub Network - will improve the results and is a further step towards our goal to have the biggest websites in the index. There are still two more sites to come ... stay tuned ;-)

And remember: we are still beta, everything will be improved.


New Tube Sites and

Posted on 2013/01/07

Today we announce the improvement of our index with all videos from and Combined with the new videos we have almost 1 Mio videos for you.

We will now continue to bring you even more and improve the system every day!

Btw, please remind that we are still beta ;-)


TheYoungTurks - Web & TV

Posted on 2013/01/03

Thanks guys for that great feature and very funny discussion! Almost 1600 comments, seems to be a very discussable topic :-)


Internet Porn Statistics, 1.2 Million years of Porn

Posted on 2013/01/03 has analyzed the two leading porn tube sites and presents mind blowing numbers from the industry no one would have imagined! Say goodbye to the niche of online porn, it's in every living room on this planet!

More than 700,000 videos!

The analyzed tube sites contain 735,000 porn videos. The average playtime of the videos is 11 minutes. Users could watch 16 years of porn movies in a row without watching a single video twice.

15 views per human!

Summed up, the platforms reach 93 Billion views by their users so far, that makes 15 views on every human on earth. The average number of views per video is 127,720.

1.2 Million years of playtime!

This makes up for an incredible number of 1.2 Million years of cumulated time spent for watching porn just on these two tube sites, which is the amount of time humans are believed to walk on this very planet. Watching porn online seems far away from being a niche nowadays, it is done in every social class.

158 Million ratings, 8 Million comments!

The websites collected 158 Million ratings from the users. In average 63% of the users rate a video positive. There are more than 7.5 Million comments posted under videos. We talk about a very active community.

22,000 new videos every month!

The growth of these platforms seems to know no ending. They started in 2006 with about 150 videos and grow by 22,000 new videos every month. your source for everything!

With unique filtering features and search options makes it possible for the first time to access the worlds largest porn repository effectively and fast. The extremely accurate and comprehensive filters are an innovation in the industry that hasn’t seen many technical improvements since it made video on the internet big - long before the times of YouTube and others. Before, porn search was driven by inaccurate and time-consuming full text searches which required that videos have the information you we’re looking for in the title. With this is not necessary anymore and thousands of hidden videos can be found and filtered at an unseen level of detail.



Posted on 2013/01/03 is nothing less but the next step in the evolution of porn websites. We stop the endless searches through tons of pages and introduce a completely revolutionary way of finding the porn you like! With you will save hours!

Find your favorite Girl

You like blondes? Even more when they have big tits? Well, we got what you need. Maybe you want to define the haircolor and the titsize in combination. Just choose one or multiple filters and choose the girl you like – and we deliver the videos that just match your needs!

Decide what they do

Maybe you want to see a Blowjob? Or you prefer some group action? Just choose one of our endless filters. You will be the director and you decide what they do, so get ahead and … Action!

Choose the location

Sex on the beach! Not only a cocktail, but also a filter on There are also tons of videos in the bathroom, at the doctor's office or just on the couch. Choose a place where you feel yourself comfortable.

All fetishes, all niches

You think you have a rare fetish? Spanking? BDSM? Or even the harder stuff? Don't worry, we have every niche covered! Maybe there even is a little voyeur in you? Discover our fetish section with many different choices and discover your dark side!

Sort to fit your needs

The result is sorted by popularity in default. But maybe you want the newest ones, or you want to sort by rating or the number of views? Just choose one option. If you want to get surprised, choose “random” and see what happens!

Full text search for everything else

If we don’t have the filter you are looking for, just give us a feedback – or use the fulltext search. Just put in the word and click search (for example if you want to find a specific studio or actor) – in the best case you will get some results. Otherwise … be patient, we are still improving ;-)